The Final Countdown

Wedding Weekend is finally here!  Troy and I are both done with work until after our honeymoon and now all that's left for us to do is relax, spend time with our friends and family and have fun!

The dress is picked up, the seating chart is done and all the presents are wrapped.  We'll just be dropping things off and running last minute errands.  My college roommate Leah came in from San Francisco yesterday and I haven't seen her for nearly two years.  I'm looking forward to spending every minute of the next three days with her and the rest of my family and friends.

This has been a great two years of being engaged, but I am ready for it to be over and to be married!  Stay tuned for pictures of the big day!


'Single' Bride No More!

There are lots of things happening in our household right now. The wedding is 12 days away and best of all, Troy is home for good! It was so nice not having to rush around and get everything done by 6 p.m. on Sunday because he had to drive back. It was also nice being able to carpool downtown this morning and spend together in person and not just on the phone.

We're definitely in crunch time though, and having Troy here to help is great. Yesterday's project was making the labels for the out of town welcome bags. My friend Allyson who designed our invitations designed a square label with our names on it that I was able to print off. I then used scrap booking photo stickers to mount the labels onto white card stock, and then stuck them onto craft gift bags. Here's the result:

My college roommate and bridesmaid, Leah, will be arriving on Wednesday of next week and she has graciously offered to help with any last minute tasks, including filling these goody bags.  We'll be giving our guests granola bars, candy bars, goldfish crackers and water among other things.  Hopefully they'll enjoy!  One more task ticked off the list!  


Three weeks to go!

With every Saturday morning that rolls around, I get both excited and a little bit stressed, because I keep thinking "5 weeks to go; now 4, now 3."  There are only three weeks left til the big day and so much to do.  This weekends major task to to complete the seating chart.  I've heard horror stories from friends, coworkers, even my own parents about trying to figure out the right mix of people, so it seems to be pretty daunting.  Hopefully, it's all in my head.

In other wedding news this week, I met with the DJ company to start walking through the reception music.  We have songs selected for all of "special" dances, I just seem to be stuck on which song(s) to play for our grand entrance along with the bridal party.  Some suggestions I've received are:

If you have any additional suggestions please let me know!  I want out grand entrance to be memorable.

Oh and I forgot to share the best new of all -- my days as a "single" bride are nearly over!  Troy will be home for good in SIX days!  Yahoo!!!!


It's Wedding Month!

The time has come.  After 24 months of waiting, it's finally THE month that Troy and I are getting married! I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little freaked out about all that's left to be done, but it's still very exciting that we're getting married in less than four weeks.

There's a number of meetings coming up to finalize all the details -- with the florist, the DJ, the photographer.  I swear I have more meetings for the wedding than I do at work!  But the one meeting I was able to pass off to Troy was the one to finalize our cake.  We're working with the fabulous White Flower Cake Shoppe and Marianne has been just fabulous.  Below is the sketch of what our cake will look like.

It's everything that I would want in a wedding cake and best of all, it's so yummy!  We'll have white, chocolate and red velvet cake on the inside.  If you've never tasted cake from White Flower, I strongly suggest you stop by their bakery or their kiosk filled with goodies.  I know I will be looking forward to mine for the next 27 days.


Tigers Love Pepper

This post is coming straight from gate B11 at the Philadelphia International Airport.  After a fun work trip to NYC, I'm delayed and waiting to get home; home, SWEET, home. I love traveling to exciting places, but I also love sleeping in my own bed and hanging out with Coco (who also hates when I travel). So it really makes me think of how hard it must be for Troy to be away from home five nights a week.

This week, however, Mr. Troy will be away for a full two weeks. Because instead of coming home this weekend, he will be jetting off to Vegas tomorrow for his bachelor party. Yes, you read that right. He will be getting his party on Hangover style at Caesar's Palace all weekend. Thankfully in that story, the groom-to-be just gets locked on the roof, and not attacked by a tiger or pulling out his own incisor. 

Now I'm a lucky girl because Troy doesn't drink, and I don't think there's any massive hangover in his future. What's more likely to happen is the scene from Vegas Vacation where Chevy Chase loses all his money and they steal a dead man's winning lottery ticket.

After my day of delayed travel and sitting in airports, I hope I have sucked up all of the bad travel mojo destined for the two of us and that Troy and his buddies can make it to Vegas without a hitch. And if you see a group of fools hanging around Caesar's asking "if the real Caesar lives here," I apologize on their behalf. Because chances are, that group of fools belongs to me.


Invitations are in the mail!

It has been a hectic few weeks, that's for sure.  Between work travel and wedding planning and a lovely bridal shower hosted by my future mother-in-law in Cincinnati, we have accomplished an enormous feat -- the wedding invitations are in the mail!  After hand-addressing 155 inner and outer envelopes, and barely escaping a crippled wrist, they are complete and I am feeling some of the stress dissipate.

I'm fortunate to work with a number of great designers, one of which, created our custom wedding invitations. 

Clearly, I'm not a photographer, and these snapshots don't even do the invitation pieces justice, but I'm over-the-moon with how they turned out!  Now, the part my type-A personality has been craving; keeping track of the yeses and nos and the meals and making sure all of the data is perfectly organized.

One more thing finished.  Now on to the next! 49 days to go...


Weekend Wedding Wrap Up

I know what you're thinking -- wow, writing about last weekend when a new one is upon us?  Let's just say it's been a long week of recovery after a great weekend that was packed to the gills with wedding fun.

The bridal shower was such a good time.  The food at Coffee Creek Estate was delicious, the desserts by Sweet Treats were delectable and the company was out of this world.  It was so nice to have all of my friends and family in the same room.  And let's be honest, everyone's generosity just blew me away.  I mean, take a look at all of this swag.

After the fun and games were over in the afternoon, we all went home and rallied for the evening.  A cat nap can do wonders for your stamina, let me tell you.  My girlfriends went all out for my big night and it's one I'll never forget.  We had a yummy dinner with my mom, aunts, grandma and cousin Hannah (who is still underage) and then the craziness ensued.  But before we did, we had a little bubbly to kick off the festivities.

Now to protect the all parties involved, this video snippet is as much as I will share.  But just know, we all survived and will live to tell the tale of my bachelorette party.  Lord help us for the next one.  We're not getting any younger -- and neither are our livers.